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Saturday, January 23, 2010

GaGa For GaGa

Sometimes, I'm the last to jump on the band wagon. For example, people told me for years how much I'd love the TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters, that I would thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and staying connected to friends on Facebook, that if I tried acai berry juice, I might just enjoy it, and that if I got an iPhone, I would get used to it and learn to love it. In each instance, I was stubborn and resisted and held out, until one day...I tried all of those things and now, can't imagine my life without them. As strange as it may sound, appreciating Lady GaGa is no exception.

I had heard Lady GaGa's music at the gym and on the radio and knew my sister dressed up as her for her Halloween last year (I'm still not sure what a disco stick is) and I thought she was just another wannabe Madonna, along the lines of Britney and Christina. It was actually your dad, who I feel has the strangest taste in music, that made me really take notice.

I believe Lady GaGa is a genius.

Say what you will about her outlandish make-up, daring fashion sense and shocking and sexually charged performances, Lady GaGa's music is absolutely infectious. If you can't get the chorus of Bad Romance out of your head, you are a better person that I am.

She's talented, too. She writes her own lyrics, plays classic piano and obviously designs her own wardrobe. I believe that she likes to push boundaries but doesn't just shock for shock's sake. So, what message does she want to send? In a recent interview she said, "I want them [my fans] to free themselves, and I want them to be proud of who they are. I want them to celebrate all the things they don't like about themselves the way that I did, and to be truly happy from the inside."

She's the most successful 23 year old I know. Lady GaGa's latest smash hit, Bad Romance, has set the record for the most weekly plays registered in Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay tally history. Last week, the song was played 10,859 times across the nation, knocking Leona Lewis out of her titled position (in 2008, Bleeding Love was played 10,665 times in one week).

Lady GaGa's hit single Just Dance has just gone platinum five times over. It is the first song EVER by a female artist to surpass 5 million downloads!

If you are still reluctant to jump on the wagon yourself, think she's too "out there", or aren't into electronic dance music, listen to her ballad Speechless. I guarantee it will knock your socks off.

The best is yet to be if you just dance!

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Blogger Leah said...

I absolutely love her too and I am glad that u get why now. She is truly a genius! She is what we call in the music biz (haha) the total package. She is a star! She also has amazing talent which is kinda rare for the music industry right now so she will definitely be sticking around for awhile. I still can't get "Bad Romance" out of my head! Grrr!! : )

January 24, 2010 at 12:55 AM  
Blogger Chick Rose said...

It was the Oprah interview that did it, wasn't it?!!? I saw it and I feel the same way too. I was waaayy late on that wagon myself, I've jumped on but unfortunately am being dragged a bit b/c it's actually too full for me to get alll the way on, which is ackward. Sigh.

January 30, 2010 at 11:36 PM  

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